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Discover the difference our expert cleaning team can make for your sneakers. Visit our store or contact us today to experience the unparalleled cleaning and revamping services offered by Sneaker Revamp LLC.

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Every stitch, color choice, and material selection is carefully considered to ensure impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.


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At Sneaker Revamp, we offer a comprehensive range of revamping services to meet your unique style preferences. Our skilled artisans are trained in the art of revamping sneakers, shoes, bags, and leather goods, ensuring that every item is transformed with meticulous care.

Sneaker Revamping

From cleaning and restoring to custom designs and colorways.

Shoe Makeover

Give your sneakers a fresh start from resoling, refinishing, and detailing.

Bag Restoration

Restore the beauty and functionality of your favorite bags

UV Treatment

Refresh your sneakers with our cutting-edge UV treatment service for sneakers

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